Peter, or otherwise known as „Psydrosch“ has been infected by psytrance music back in 2009 and it didn’t take long for him to try himself as a DJ playing his first gigs for friends. Later, in 2011, Peter was traveling and working with the film crew for the cinema movie „You Are Everything“ and it was then and there that his artist name was created. A couple of Russian guys, working for the movie called him „Pedrosch“ which morphed into the now known „Psydrosch“. In 2013 Peter started his DJ career playing the first „Psydrosch“ shows in front of public audiences. Only three years later – in 2016 – the psytrance collective „Psychedelic Animals“ was founded.


Year after year Peter dived deeper into the global goa/psytrance scene. Particularly having the opportunity of being a party guest or DJ on some big and special festivals, parties and dance floors around the world (BOOM Festival Portugal, Ozora Festival Hungary, Odyssee Berlin, Paradise Winter Festival Austria, The Experience Festival Thailand, Valentrance Moon Mountain Thailand, Spirit Base Festival Austria, Flow Festival Austria, and many many more) gave him great insight and inspiration for his own musical journey. As an organizer Peter always thrives to integrate these insights and experiences as well as new trends of the psytrance movement into the „Psychedelic Animals“ events in Austria.


Nowadays „Psydrosch“ and „Psychedelic Animals“ are well known names in the Austrian psytrance scene. Peter’s energizing DJ sets make people dance like nobody is watching and have become an integral part on lots of parties and festivals. From time to time Peter publishes some stories an thoughts in his blog-project „Psydrosch’s Goa-Geschichten“


Peter is also one of the masterminds behind #HIPPIEPARTY, a party and lifestyle brand founded in 2020. Peter was inspired by the incidents at one of his own rave parties in the Austrian woods which was dispersed by the police too early. Visit to get more information. You will love this piece of internet 😉



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