This DJ duo was founded in 2018 an is a serious fun collaboration by Psydrosch and Maxcid. Before Maxcid joined the project, Psydrosch had another DJ partner who left the project. Nowadays Wieni Ficki sets impressive new standards on the „Paytrance sky“. They play a perfect mix between modern progressive offbeat tracks,some „old but gold“ 80s/90s/00s trash and some techno-tek-specials ´. All in all it’s sexy pumping party sound for everyone. Enjoy a dance night including a lot of happiness and stunning wow-moments during a show of extralatives 😉 Let Wieni Ficki press play and get ready to fly!


Wieni Ficki – Special Intro 04.11.2022 – 07 am

Wieni Ficki „Rockstars“ action on stage